The Walkers On The Next Season Of ‘The Walking Dead’ Are Absolutely Revolting

One of the coolest things about The Walking Dead is special-effects producer Greg Nicotero’s insistence on creating walkers that are based in reality — or at least, a reality if zombies actually existed in the world. He has been consistent in designing walkers that gradually decompose over the course of each season — in other words, Nicotero’s walkers actually age. It’s very cool, though it does suggest that The Walking Dead should be ending very soon, according to science. Based on the rate of decomposition, there will be nothing left of the walkers in a few seasons except bones.

Nicotero’s sixth season walkers are clearly following that trend, as you can see from these photos he released of a couple of the upcoming season’s biters.

That is FOUL.

It should be an interesting contrast to Fear the Walking Dead, which will take us back to the beginning, where the walkers aren’t even “full zombie” yet.