‘The Walking Dead’ Is Teasing ’10 Explosions An Episode’ For Season 8

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The Walking Dead has always been a dark and brooding show, but things got a little too slow and heavy for a lot of viewers in season 7. The season featured multiple kicks to the teeth for Rick and his gang, who were unable to respond with much more than clenched fists and the occasional tear. By all accounts, that’s set to change for season 8 which will follow the “All Out War” storyline from the comics.

We’re exactly one month away from the October 22nd premiere date, which means it’s time to really start pumping fans up. And boy are the cast of The Walking Dead excited for what you’re about to see. The show has taken over Entertainment Weekly magazine, and it’s full of the kind of hype normally reserved for monster truck rallies.

“It’s a f —ing in-your-face action-packed IV of adrenaline,” says Austin Amelio, who plays Dwight. “Season 7 was the ramp-up and now this is the blastoff. The stuff that’s happening is insane!”

Father Gabriel actor Seth Gilliam topped even that description, saying Season 8 is “like a Schwarzenegger versus Stallone action thing from the ’80s. I think there are, like, 10 explosions an episode. Every time you turn around, somebody’s shooting something or blowing something up. There’s some serious action that I don’t think we’ve seen on television since The A-Team went off the air.”

All that destruction and mayhem is likely to cost a number of cast members their jobs, but most don’t seem upset about the inevitable “thinning of the herd.” It’s all in service to what is being promised as a fast-paced action romp, the exact opposite of what we got out of season 7.

(via Entertainment Weekly)

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