‘The Walking Dead’ Has Announced A Return Date For Those Bonus Episodes And Some Cast Additions

Early last month, The Walking Dead aired what was originally meant to be the final episode of its tenth season, which culminated in the death of Beta and the end of The Whisperer war. In the six months between the penultimate episode and the finale, however, AMC announced an end date for the long-running series: There will be six bonus episodes in the 10th season, and a 24-episode final season that will take the series to the end of 2022, when AMC will launch a Carol and Daryl spin-off.

A release date for the six bonus season 10 episodes has now been announced. The series will complete the 10th season beginning on Sunday, February 28th, although the six episodes will be available on AMC+ several days early on Thursdays. AMC has also released episode titles and descriptions for each episode, which are unusually insightful. The first episode will explore Maggie’s whereabouts since leaving Alexandria; the second will fill in blanks in Daryl’s life in between the time that Rick disappeared and Daryl rejoined the group with Dog; the third is an adventure specific to Aaron and Gabriel; the fourth follows Eugene, Ezekiel, Yumiko, and Princess, although they are separated in the episode. The fifth episode sees Carol and Daryl separate, and the season finale is “Here’s Negan,” which explores the origins of Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s character.

The names of the episodes in order are “Home Sweet Home,” “Find Me,” “One More,” “Splinter,” “Diverged,” and the aforementioned “Here’s Negan.”

We already knew that Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s wife, Hilarie Burton, would have a guest role in “Here’s Negan,” as Negan’s wife, Lucille. AMC is also announcing that Robert Patrick (Terminator 2) will play a character named Mays, while Okea Eme-Akwari is joining the series as Maggie’s friend, Elijah (he may be the masked ninja).

AMC has also released another clip from a table read, this one from “One More,” the episode involving Aaron and Gabriel and guest actor Robert Patrick.

The Walking Dead returns on February 28th. Fear the Walking Dead, meanwhile, will air its midseason finale this Sunday. No announcement has yet been made about when it will return.