‘The Walking Dead’ Producer Greg Nicotero Says ‘It’s Never Easy Saying Goodbye’ When A Character Dies

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Before The Walking Dead‘s mid-season premiere, fans laid out hopeful scenarios in which Carl Grimes would somehow survive. We know now that all the wishful thinking in the world couldn’t save poor Carl, and his death was one that was heavy not only on the characters in the show, but the people behind the camera as well.

ComicBook spoke to longtime The Walking Dead producer, makeup aficionado, and director Greg Nicotero about the final moments actor Chandler Griggs had with his TV family, and it was a difficult time. Griggs has been on the show since he was a kid, now he’s 18 years old, and moving on. According to ComicBook, it got Nicotero, a guy who stares at blood and guts all day, emotional.

“Listen, every single character death is different, every nuance and every moment. But when you’re dealing with someone like Chandler who’s been on the show from the beginning, from literally the end of the first episode, it was rough. I mean aside from one of our original cast members going, I think the idea that it was someone that we grew up with. He was eight years old or nine years old when we first started the show. He was a little kid. So it was pretty intense.”

“So it was rough. I mean, it’s never easy, I’ll tell you. It’s never easy saying goodbye to people on the show.”

Read the entire interview and check out their postmortem (for lack of a better phrase) on the latest The Walking Dead here.

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