‘The Walking Dead’ Could Bring A Fan Favorite Video Game Character To The Main Series For A Fresh Start

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02.04.17 5 Comments

Bringing fan favorite characters to The Walking Dead is always a pretty good recipe for success on the show. While Negan has become a bit of a problem for the zombie drama, the teases for his character were very popular leading up to his bloody introduction. Also, Michonne and the return of Morgan in past seasons brought some much-needed freshness to the show.

All of that is a good reason to get excited about the latest rumor circulating thanks to the folks over at SyFy Wire. They’re indicating that Clementine from the popular Telltale Walking Dead video game series could make her way to the comic book or television series in the future. Syfy Wire spoke to comics editor Sean Mackiewicz about Clementine’s future outside of the video games and got a promising answer about her crossover potential:

“Telltale’s latest installment of their TWD game series, ‘The New Frontier,’ occurs during the time jump after TWD #126. So a lot could happen before she ever appeared. And that’s not me being coy. I have no idea … yet. It takes time to write those things.”

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