‘The Walking Dead’ Will Handle Negan’s Colorful Choice Of Language In Some Creative Ways

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03.27.16 12 Comments


We’re inching closer and closer to the final episode of The Walking Dead this season, meaning we’re also closer to the introduction of Negan. That’s bad news for Rick Grimes and crew, but good news for the viewer. We’re apparently in for one hell of an entertaining ride with this villain, not to mention he’s going to stick around for a bit.

But one of the questions we haven’t gotten a real answer for up to this point is how The Walking Dead is going to handle Negan’s style of speech. He’s a got a knack for colorful language, peppered with creative uses of the f-word and other curses. The kind of language you can’t really get away with on AMC — which we’ve seen before.

It would seem that Robert Kirkman, Scott Gimple, and the rest of the creatives on the show will attempt to get just as colorful with their strategy to translate Negan’s comic book form to the small screen, possibly finding a way to skirt around AMC’s broadcast restrictions according to The Hollywood Reporter:

“We recognize there are restrictions as for what we can do on AMC and broadcast lines, but AMC is a very creative network and likes to take risks and try new things…Broadcast isn’t the only outlet for this show. There’s a lot of opportunities with Negan that we’re going to be trying to take full advantage of.”

Added Gimple: “There’s no way he could drop that amount of f-bombs that he does in the comic on TV. There’s simply no way. In some way, it can’t be full on, but as long as we have the full-on version, they will come out and people will be able to watch them. That to me was the most important thing, that the full-on Negan exists and it’s available. What version gets on TV, that’s down to experimentation. Jeffrey’s performance is so amazing that I hope people aren’t hanging on the fact that we aren’t saying the f-word in that moment. Especially if they can watch it later. It comes down to either having it and censoring it out in some way or another or not having it. The one thing nobody wants to do is for it not being there to diminish the experience. So stay tuned. We might just on the internet have a supplementary audio program you can go to.”

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