‘The Walking Dead’ Mashed Up With The ‘Deadpool’ Trailer Is Zombie-Stomping Fun

In a The Walking Dead offseason that has been dominated by one question — who did Negan kill in the sixth season finale — fans of the series may have forgotten why we watch the show in the first place. It’s not all about major character deaths, and fake character deaths. It’s also about Carl eating pudding, Lizzie looking at the flowers, Eugene’s mullet, Rick’s every-other-season meltdowns, and some good old-fashioned zombie ass stompings.

Video editor AFK Anthony has spliced together some of the series finer ass-kicking moments with the audio from the Deadpool trailer and infused the otherwise grim series with some badass flavor. It’s the kind of mash-up that makes us wish that Deadpool writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick — who also wrote Zombieland — could take a stab at an episode of two of The Walking Dead. The series could use a few more doses of humor, maybe an extended sex montage, and more one-liners. A DMX track in the soundtrack every once in a while wouldn’t hurt anything, either.

At least we have a few things to look forward to beyond Negan’s victim in the seventh season premiere. Until then, however, we’ll have to settle for Rick Grimes looking like a testicle with teeth.