‘The Walking Dead’ Death Watch: Placing Odds On The Character Most Likely To Die In The Midseason Finale

The Walking Dead’s season finale, “Coda,” airs this Sunday night, and we know that it’s going to be devastating because Norman Reedus said so, and The Walking Dead almost always kills someone off in the midseason finale. Plus, no major character has died since Bob, several episodes back. The Walking Dead is due. Right now, there’s probably two or three too many characters on the show, making it difficult to introduce new ones in the next half season without overstuffing the cast (and we KNOW at least one new character will be introduced in the second half).

In other words, expect some characters to die. Who? The Walking Dead can be unpredictable, but let’s lay odds on the most likely to succumb in the midseason finale:

Sasha (3-1) — She’s lost her boyfriend, her brother has been neutered, and she’s in the midst of the action in the midseason finale. In the world of The Walking Dead, showing mercy often gets characters killed, and no one showed more mercy than Sasha in allowing Cop Bob to escape in the last episode. Plus, of the characters currently in Atlanta, Sasha is the most disposable.

Carol (4-1) — Carol is already unconscious and half-dead, her character was supposed to die three seasons ago, she’s in the war zone for the midseason finale, and we know that whoever dies in the midseason finale will be completely devastating to both Norman Reedus and his character, Daryl Dixon. Based on their close history together within the show and on the set, Carol seems best to fit this bill. She also seems to have taken her character as far as it can go.

Beth (6-1) — Then again, Daryl is also very close to Beth, who is in prime position to martyr herself in the midseason finale. However, it seems unlikely that Beth would die without seeing her sister Maggie again, and she’s in a good position to duplicate Carol’s arc from a weak to strong character.

Father Gabriel (7-1) — Gabriel really does seem like the most disposable character of the main cast — he served his function (he provided a space, the church, as a place to hang out) and now he’s on the run. Even if he doesn’t die, I can see him as a guy who disappears for a season or two, and pops back up in season 7.

Eugene (8-1) — Eugene’s initial character arcs seems to have run its course. He’s been outed as a fraud, and it’s possible his usefulness has been exhausted. On the other hand, he’s still very much a likable character on the show and he’s the kind of guy who might do well with a nice redemption arc.

Judith (9-1) — I don’t know how this happens, since — again — Judith is not in the main action at Grady (at least, for now), but the only thing that might be more devastating to Daryl than Carol or Beth dying would be the death of Judith.

Rosita/Tara (10-1) — Still the two least developed of the main characters, Scott Gimple may see this as an opportunity to develop them, or he may see them as disposable characters easy to kill off. We wouldn’t kick up much of a fuss if we lost them, but on the other hand, we wouldn’t feel much devastation, either.

Glenn (12-1) — We have no real reason to believe that Glenn is in imminent danger for the midseason finale, but things are unpredictable in zombie apocalypses. He’s been relegated to mostly a side character this season, and his death might propel Maggie into a new arc. Mostly, though, this is based on rumors before the season started that Glenn might die, although that particular threat seems to have evaporated.

Tyreese (14-1)– Tyreese has also lost much of his value as a character, especially after losing his bloodthirst. He’s been relegated to the caretaker of Lil Ass Kicker and provider of wisdom. With Abraham around now, Tyreese seems less useful to the survivors and kind of boring as a character, save for that big ole heart of his. His death would hurt, but it wouldn’t hurt the show much.

Abraham (20-1) — It feels like there’s so much more story to tell with Abraham. He’s useful as a check to Rick’s power on the show. He’s the leader and guiding force for a faction of the survivors, so I don’t see him dying just yet, but you never know with The Walking Dead.

Maggie (30-1) — Maggie may have been sidelined for much of the season, but she’s still one of the biggest draws for fans of The Walking Dead and killing her off would be detrimental to the series. Plus, no way she dies without seeing her sister again.

Carl (35-1) — It would make absolutely no sense to kill him off in the midseason finale, especially since he’s barely played a role the first half of the season.

Michonne (50-1) — Michonne hasn’t had a focus episode this season, she’s not in the main action at Grady, she’s a fan favorite, and there’s no reason to kill her off. Don’t see it.

Daryl (100-1) — Norman Reedus has already said that whatever happens to him in the midseason finale will alter his character moving ahead. He may not be bulletproof, but he’s pretty damn close.

Rick (100-1) — Not a chance in hell.