‘The Walking Dead’ Just Teased The Arrival Of Another Comic Book Favorite

Contributing Writer
04.11.16 6 Comments

To celebrate National Pet Day, The Walking Dead posted a picture of King Ezekiel and Shiva on the show’s Instagram. Who’s that, you may ask? If you’ve read the comics, you’re familiar with the two already. Ezekiel is the leader of a group of survivors known as The Kingdom.

We got our first look at the people in The Kingdom at the end of season six — Rick almost blew one away over nothing before Morgan stopped him. And then something miraculous happened in the season finale: Morgan’s kindness didn’t come back to bite him in the ass. Rather, it looks like Morgan and Carol will be brought to The Kingdom where we’ll get to meet Ezekiel — and his pet tiger Shiva.

That’s right: Ezekiel has a tiger. He’s also friends with Paul ‘Jesus’ Monroe, and not the biggest fan of Negan and the Saviors. I’m sure all of this will come into play for season seven of The Walking Dead as Rick and his group figure out how to take revenge for whoever ended up on the wrong end of Lucille.

What, do you think beating one of their skulls in is going to make them roll over? The Saviors obviously don’t know who they’re screwing with.

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