A Hardcore ‘The Walking Dead’ Fan Tattooed A Giant Norman Reedus Signature On Her Head


As one of the biggest stars on television’s biggest show, Norman Reedus is used to seeing a lot of intense behavior from The Walking Dead fans. We imagine they’re a bit scary when they group up into walker-like hordes, and even individuals can wreak some havoc like when a woman straight up bit Reedus at a convention.

But it’s not all bad. Norman’s got pretty great job security based on the number of ‘If Daryl Dies We Riot’ shirts being bought by his followers. There’s lots of money to be made from hugging your fanbase, too. And you never really know how many people a show like The Walking Dead touches in deeper ways than you can imagine. Take for example the woman in this photo from Norman’s manager Sean Clark, taken at a Walker Stalker convention in London.

“She got her head autographed and then got it tattooed!” he wrote. “Holy crap right??!!!”

‘Big Bald Head’ is Reedus’ social media handle, taken from his 2013 book of photography The Sun’s Coming Up Like A Big Bald Head. Some comments on the picture speculate that the unknown woman may have gone through some sort of chemotherapy and has lost all her hair. If so, we hope having Norman’s big John Handcock staring back at her in the mirror helps her on her journey back to health. And hey, even if it’s nothing like that and she just enjoys rocking the bald look like a Wakandan warrior, we still hope she gets as much pleasure out of the tattoo as she clearly gets from the show.