‘The Walking Dead’ Crew Threw Some Hilarious Twitter Shade At ‘Game Of Thrones’

This post contains spoilers from The Walking Dead.

At this point, you’ve seen the new Jon Snow-centric poster for the upcoming sixth season of Game of Thrones, started a group chat to analyze it ad nauseam, posted about it on Facebook, and called your mother crying. Whether or not this mysterious image is some sort of memorial or HBO has thrown up their hands in the face of a spoiler-obsessed public remains to be seen, but either way, they certainly made a splash online. So much so that even the crew behind The Walking Dead decided to weigh in.

After torturing fans for weeks over the fate of Glenn Rhee, they finally came clean about his survival in Sunday night’s episode. Game of Thrones took the crueler way out, leaving fans hanging until the next season. Whoever runs The Walking Dead‘s Twitter account couldn’t help but take a good-natured shot at the other violent drama.

While it also looks likes Game of Thrones will probably follow suit and not leave a fan favorite for dead (at least not permanently), we’ll just have to wait and see what April brings. It’s a long winter until then.

(Via Entertainment Weekly)

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