‘The Walking Dead’ Producer Greg Nicotero Dispelled One Key Theory Regarding Glenn’s Fate

Hefty spoilers for The Walking Dead are likely to follow, so only read on if you’re caught up on the current season’s events

There’s been plenty of speculation around what is going to happen to fan-favorite (and second longest-running character) Glenn Rhee on The Walking Dead. Folks noticed that Steven Yeun’s name was removed from the opening credits and the show has not addressed the character’s next move at this point (if there is one).

The Hollywood Reporter caught up with producer Greg Nicotero to chat about the many fan theories that have sprouted up in the wake of their decision to put Glenn’s fate in question, including the amount of people who have told him “f*ck you” in public. He also took a moment to debunk one key theory floating around (one that seems quite weird given all the blood in the scene):

“I’ve read a lot of the theories and they’re hilarious — but Nicholas (Michael Traynor) running out of bullets is incorrect,” he says. “They were claiming that they could hear an audible ‘click.’ But there was a beat that I don’t think ended up in the episode, [and was taken out] strictly for time where Glenn says to Nicholas, ‘You need to preserve your ammunition and count your bullets.’ As the walkers were coming forward and Nicholas was shooting, he was counting his bullets and he counted down to one…

“I think it’s fun to allow people to speculate on it. There will be some resolution to the debate. I can’t wait for that moment because it’ll be very intriguing,”

If Glenn wakes up on the island from LOST, fans should riot. I’m just laying that out there right now as a knee jerk. As for Nicotero, he offers up another show for comparison to how The Walking Dead will handle their Glenn situation:

“It’s probably not the last time we’ll visit that dumpster scene…Just like any show — you watch Game of Thrones and the audience sees a character die and they go through all these different emotions and feelings and how they process and accept it. Our show is no different. That story is definitely not over.”

Heck, we might get a zombie Glenn here soon. Shuffling around, moaning for Maggie, and then changing back into a normal person thanks to the power of love. The entire next season can then be a search for how to mass produce this “cure,” with everybody finding out too late that it was truly inside them the entire time and that’s what our friend Edwin Jenner meant back in season one. How foolish is Rick going to look then?

(Via The Hollywood Reporter)

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