Rick Brought Back His Murder Coat On ‘The Walking Dead’ And Fans Are Loving It


We’re just two weeks away from the end of The Walking Dead season 8, and with that the finish of the All Out War arc between Rick and Negan. Will Rick live? Will Negan die? Who knows, but Negan’s chances of survival certainly didn’t improve when Rick left the Hilltop wearing his trusty Murder Coat, a piece of clothing that has seen some messed up s**t and seems impervious to blood stains.

We also got to learn a little more about the trash people. Turns out they aren’t quite as trashy as they originally seemed. Not only do they have some sort of connection with a helicopter flying community, but their accommodations are way spiffier than you’d imagine at first sight.

But funny enough, people seemed less concerned about the helicopter and more confused as to why Jadis didn’t end up killing Negan. Hey, what is this, the season finale?

Let’s not forget Carol’s plotline, which saw her save Henry from a situation that was pretty damn similar to the one she lost her own daughter in. After seasons of her having little to do other than swing back and forth between heartlessness and pacifism (that’s Morgan’s shtick!) we hope this latest development lets her find a soft happy place in the middle.

Oh man, the feels!