Let The Zombies Hit The Floor: 'The Walking Dead' Is The 'Deadliest Show' On TV

02.12.13 5 years ago 14 Comments

Considering you’re just as likely to find a dented Hyundai Elantra outside of Woodbury as you are a promotional photo of Rick Grimes without a gun or Daryl Dixon with a gun, ’cause he’s rugged you see, it should come as no surprise that, according to Funeralwise.com, The Walking Dead is the “deadliest show” on TV.

In its second annual TV Body Count Study examining the death toll on 40 TV series during the fall 2012 season, the zombie drama topped the list with an average of 38 dead bodies per episode — 91% of them zombies. Coming in second was Cinemax’s Strike Back, with 26 dead bodies per hour, followed by NBC’s Revolution with 11. All the deceased on both Strike Back and Revolution, however, were human. (Via)

Also, the word “dead” is in the show’s title, so this survey kind of feels like cheating, like doing a list on the goofiest movies and putting A Goofy Movie at the top of the list. Or maybe I’m just bitter that the Walking Dead body count isn’t one digit higher. Other key findings include:

Men were hit the hardest. Males represented 86% of the dead bodies observed in the study. While females experienced much fewer onscreen deaths, they were most likely to be killed by means other than a gun, including beatings and strangulation.

That number would be a lot higher if Gyp Rosetti had his way.

The dead are rarely mourned, and there are few funerals on TV. This study observed 11 funerals. This is up slightly over the 8 that were seen in the previous study.

Who needs a funeral when you can just pray to the great T-Dog in the sky.

(Via Hollywood Reporter)

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