It Looks Like An Important ‘The Walking Dead’ Character Will Debut This Season

The Walking Dead spoilers below.

There’s been some speculation that a storyline involving the Hilltop Colony from The Walking Dead comics will show up during the sixth season of The Walking Dead. That also means that we should be seeing Paul Monroe/Jesus soon. According to a regular contributor over on The Spoiling Dead, that could be sooner than we might expect.

This particular Spoiling Dead contributor spotted a scene that was being rehearsed between Rick, Daryl, and Jesus, and though she could not identify the actor playing Jesus, he is being described as about 5-foot-11, dark blonde hair, and a green stocking cap (the stocking cap strongly suggests that it is Jesus).

We also have a sense from the season six trailer that, with the arrival of Morgan, there will be trouble brewing between Rick and the rest of the Alexandrians, including many of his own people. The scene being rehearsed also seems to suggest immediate conflict between Rick and Daryl.

Here’s how the scene is being described:

“There is apparently a chase scene. They drive up to the store. Rick gets out of the car and slams the door. He goes over to Daryl who was on his bike. He pushes Daryl. Daryl is yelling at Rick. Trouble in Rickyl paradise!! They get in a scuffle which Jesus breaks up. Jesus says, ‘We gotta go. We only have 7 minutes.’ ”

Of course, the arrival of Jesus isn’t the most important part of this rumor. It’s what the arrival of Jesus portends: In the comics, Negan comes soon after Jesus, and this scene seems to confirm the possibility that Negan could be arriving in the sixth-season finale.

(Via The Spoiling Dead via Pajiba)