There Was One Complaint Viewers Kept Returning To In This Week’s ‘The Walking Dead’

By most accounts, this week’s The Walking Dead episode, “Not Tomorrow Yet,” was a huge hit with both audiences and critics. Vox said it was the closet the series has gotten to perfection in a long while, Sepinwall applauded the episode for pushing the story forward, and even the frequently critical io9 seemed to appreciate the episode.

However, much of that appreciation was reserved for the second half of the episode, and the decision by Rick to launch a preemptive strike against the Saviors, so to speak. That was a huge shift for Rick and the crew, and was more akin to what The Governor did to the prison than something the central cast of The Walking Dead would have considered before the zombie horde. Old Rick would defend his people. The new Rick goes on the offensive.

Many viewers, however, had some issues with the first half of the episode. Some very specific issues. With all the romance on the show lately — Rick and Michonne, Denise and Tara, the Rosita/Abraham/Sasha love triangle and now the pairing of Carol and Tobin — one phrase kept repeating on Twitter throughout the first half of the episode: “Soap opera.”

It wasn’t just any soap opera, however. Viewers were divided into two camps. One thought it was becoming too much like Melrose Place.

The other half thought it was more like Days of Our Lives.

I’m just glad that Beverly Hills 90210 was mostly left out of the conversation, because Michael Cudlitz — who plays Abraham — doesn’t want anyone remembering 90210.

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