The Walking Lulz: All The Best Memes From This Week’s Episode Of ‘The Walking Dead’

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Welcome to The Walking Lulz, our episodic round-up of all the best Walking Dead memes from across the internet. This week was our first real post-Carl episode, and while it seems like many fans decided to tune out (In pain? In protest? In apathy?), the show still pulls in more viewers for its lowest-rated episodes than any other show does for its best.

Those that did tune in got to witness something we’ve been hoping to see for months now: the complete destruction of the Trash People and Jadis revealing that, of course, she can speak like a normal person. And then there was that intense walkie talkie diss war between Rick and Negan, which Negan totally won. Rick really needs to think up a couple better lines than “I’m gonna kill you!” It all made for a nice goopy pile of The Walking Dead memes for us to feast upon.

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