Here’s A Completely Scientific Look At The Most ‘Badass’ Character On ‘The Walking Dead’

During their stop off on Conan following The Walking Dead Comic-Con panel, Norman Reedus, Steven Yeun, and Danai Gurira got a chance to find out which of their characters was more “badass.” The folks at Conan apparently took a look at the various walker kill counts around the Internet and came up with a very scientific, irrefutable determination on the ‘badassssssssnesss’ of Daryl, Glenn, and Michonne.

As you can see, Glenn and Daryl certainly have an edge on Michonne when it comes to total zombies killed on the show. But they also have a lot more time ahead of Michonne’s entrance into Rick Grimes’ world (we’re just living in it, baby).

When they bump it down to average kills per season, Michonne stands above the group and she’s likely to keep going. The same can’t be said for Daryl or Glen. Dead men walking, most likely.

(Via Team Coco)