This Frame By Frame Comparison Of ‘The Walking Dead’ Mid-Season Premiere And Comic Will Blow You Away

The Walking Dead television show has always flirted heavily with its comic-book source material, but usually with enough twists or remixes or character swaps to keep everyone guessing. When season six left us on the edge of a massive cliffhanger with Rick and his new Alexandria family trying to push their way through a mob of walkers, fans of the comic series knew how badly things might go. But they had to wait a couple of months like the rest of us to see if the show would throw a different spin on the event.

It turns out though that the show kept it pretty damn close to the comic this time, throwing fans for another loop and heightening anxiety that certain other comic book fates will play out the same. The only major differences: there’s no Sam in the comics. And Carl is shot in the face by Jessie’s son Ron on the show, while in the comics it is Douglas Monroe (replaced by Deanna Monroe on TV) who accidentally shoots Carl while getting devoured.

Past that, the show took the entire sequence and made it pretty true to comic, almost down to a frame-by-frame basis. If you want to see just how close they made it, take a look at this great compilation of shots from the comic and GIFs from the episode by Tumblr’s Love-The-Walking-Dead:

And here’s the iconic shot of Carl with half his head blown off:

It seems like the show is getting more willing to mirror the comics now that it has established itself in its own right. Even the final shot showing the residents of Alexandria victorious was a homage to this panel:

Different, but the same. Expect way more of this kind of thing over the rest of season six.

(Via Love-The-Walking-Dead)