Where Will ‘The Walking Dead’ Go With The Second Half Of Season Six?

As we move away from the midseason finale of The Walking Dead, we already noted that we have quite a few questions related to the fate of numerous characters. If you’re adverse to spoilers, look away. We’re going to dive into some speculative territory here and you might not want to take on that kind of danger.

To start, it’s safe to say that Carol and Morgan will not kill each other. The show doesn’t seem to have that kind of chutzpah, but if it did, I’m putting money on Morgan walking away from the encounter. Carol might be a bad ass now, but her death matters more to whatever story they’re trying to tell at this point. Also, Daryl will have something else to do away from scowling behind the wheel of an automobile.

As for the denizens of Alexandria, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Deanna bite the big one. Maggie is safe because the entire season has been the show trying to mess with fans with the status of their favorite couple. The show has not been nice to pregnant females in the past, but this time I don’t think they’ll wipe out Maggie. Then again, I smell a spinoff featuring Glenn traversing the Wasteland in a suit of power armor if Maggie gives birth and dies before it is too late.

The rest, does it really matter? There’s plenty of faceless entities to wipe off the map and the claims that “many people will die” when the show returns likely means them. If they’re going to actually kill off somebody meaningful, it is usually saved for a solo episode where it is the only death on the episode. Also, how many times have we been told this:

Showrunner Scott Gimple also weighed in with a note, promising that the next episode — the midseason premiere — is going to be “gargantuan.”

“Episode nine is one of the biggest episodes we’ve done,” he wrote.

Echoing Gimple’s sentiments, Kirkman also added with a gleeful laugh, “So many people die.”

I expect some top notch zombie murder because the show does that very well, but I don’t expect the story to take us too far into an area that would “change our characters forever.” Remember when Beth died? Nice moment, sure, but what did it get us in the end?