Don’t Expect ‘The Walking Dead’ To Offer Any Relief This Sunday

11.10.16 3 years ago 4 Comments

After a bleak episode of The Walking Dead that only provided levity in the form of the torturously peppy song, “Easy Street,” that Negan repeatedly played to keep Daryl awake, the grimness doesn’t appear to be letting up on this week’s episode. Sunday night’s episode, “Service,” will see how the remaining members of our group are holding together in Alexandria. Spoiler alert: Not well.

The episode also features a sobering visit to Alexandria from Daryl, who doesn’t look like he’s very happy to see his old friends in Alexandria. He also hasn’t been provided a new set of clothes yet. The week’s episode will also see Negan — who is taunting Rick in the clip above — pay a visit to Alexandria and let its community members know what he expects from them (e.g., half of everything). Should they get any ideas about not abiding by Negan’s rules, he brought Lucille along to remind them. Daryl has probably also been brought along to further emphasize to the Alexandrians what’s at stake: Step out of line, and Daryl will have body parts removed.

In other words, for those looking for relief from this oppressive season of The Walking Dead, this week’s episode is not likely to provide it.

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