10 Questions We Have After The Insanely Fantastic Midseason Premiere Of ‘The Walking Dead’

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02.15.16 101 Comments

The Walking Dead returned last night with an episode that some are already calling the best in the series’ history. The episode, directed by Greg Nicotero and written by Seth Hoffman, finally paid off the slow-burn of the first half of the season, putting a bow on the zombie-horde storyline. It did not come without multiple casualties, however, and as the remaining members of Alexandria begin to put the pieces of their community back together again, we have these ten questions to ponder before next week’s episode.

1. How will Negan respond after his henchman, The Saviors, were blown to bits by Daryl?

Comic readers may want to pay special attention to the phrase the lead Savior used when speaking to Abraham and Sasha: “Usually, we introduce ourselves by popping one of you right off that bat.” That is the customary introduction of the Saviors, and the use of the word “bat” may suggest some sly foreshadowing. As it was Daryl who ended the lives of Negan’s henchman, that may also put a very large target on his back when Negan is introduced. It might be time to add this to the mounting evidence that Daryl Dixon’s number may be up soon.

It was, however, a brilliant, intense cold open with a spectacular payoff. “Nibble on that!” Abraham was on point all night.

2. Did The Walking Dead go too far by killing off a kid?

Knowing the Internet, the death of Sam by multiple zombies will likely stir some controversy among those who like to stir controversy over every little thing. But let us not forget that the very first zombie killed in this series was a little girl, and to be honest, even as a zombie, she was more sympathetic than Sam, who was a giant pain in the ass. Watch out, Judith, you could be next.

On the flip side, with Jessie pushing up daisies, the Richonne possibility is once again very much alive.

3. Who was ultimately the worst? Sam or Ron?

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