This Cryptic ‘The Walking Dead’ Photo Gives Hints About The Upcoming Second Half Of The Season

AMC and the creators of The Walking Dead have just released official key art for the upcoming second half of the sixth season of the wildly popular series, and the images (scroll down for the full art) depicted in the collage show a few hints at what we can expect when the show returns on February 14.

First things first: Morgan has a horse. If you remember back to the first season, Rick had a horse; that horse didn’t make it, so perhaps this is a distant cousin. Other images include a plume of smoke in the distance, what appears to be a walker with a watch and a necklace — meaning that it’s a fresh walker, meaning that someone in Alexandria will become a walker — a satellite dish that recalls memories of the CDC center, a handcuffed walker, a pair of hands holding each other, the RV with what looks like the truck that Daryl, Sasha, and Abraham had for a moment, and finally, the most striking image, a hand holding a rosary.

A little more research (by me, at least — I don’t read the comic or spoilers) is needed to figure out just what exactly these images represent — Rick’s face is also split down the middle, perhaps in an attempt to show impending inner conflict. But, you can bet that when the show returns next month, we’ll be able to piece together the mystery.

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