Here’s What Happens When The Worlds Of ‘The Walking Dead’ And ‘Pokemon Go’ Collide

Contributing Writer

Take a look at this cool new video from Forgehouse Films that takes the world of The Walking Dead and mashes it up with Pokemon Go. The augmented reality video game has taken the world by storm, turning large swathes of the population into zombie-like creatures wandering the streets in hordes. So it seems only proper that a Walking Dead remix came out so quickly.

The video takes characters Clementine and Lee from the popular Telltale video game version of The Walking Dead and imagines them dealing with the search for imaginary Pokemon while very real Walkers are everywhere. Lee seems to be the only person who thinks Pokemon Go is stupid and dangerous… right up until you realize he’s been infected by the game too! Just like with the zombie apocalypse, no one is safe from the ever expanding reach of Pokemon Go.

As for how Forgehouse Films managed to pump out such a good looking Pokemon Go parody so quickly after the trend started, producer Jason Forge said, “Funny story! We threw out the original script the day of the shoot and decided to rewrite with Pokemon Go being the focal point. Without our great cast and crew, it wouldn’t have happened!”

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