‘The Walking Dead’ Midseason Premiere Was So Realistic The Police Showed Up

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02.17.16 2 Comments


The Walking Dead carries a vast legion of followers, who are so bloody loyal that they abandoned all Valentine’s Day plans for midseason premiere mayhem. The insanely fantastic episode was so loud that one family from Great Falls, Montana received some unexpected visitors. All of this happened after some neighbors heard gunfire and shouty voices coming from next door. They grew alarmed and phoned police, who saw fit to send several patrolmen.

The problem — or not — is that there was no problem. The home’s occupants were simply zombied out in front of the television while armed officers arrived with weapons drawn. Not only that, but police reportedly “surrounded” the home. Then officers realized that absolutely nothing was wrong, except maybe that The Walking Dead sounded too dang realistic:

A 911 call came in at 7:28 p.m. from a neighbor who heard “screaming from a house about someone having a gun,” according to Great Falls Police Department notes from the call. A second caller helped the seven responding officers locate the house on the 600 block of 8th Street North.

GFPD Sgt. Brian McGraw said the officers surrounded the residence, responding to a disturbance possibly involving a gun. “We had a whole bunch of guys on that one,” he noted.

Aaaaand of course, the officers showed up and peeked inside the home’s windows. They observed some parents hanging with several kids in front of the television. The fam was watching the explosive midseason premiere and enjoying themselves very much. So, the officers turned around and walked away while (probably) wishing they could stick around and watch, too. But instead, they left the premises, and the neighbors (hopefully) decided to cool their hides.

(Via USA Today and KRTV in Montana)

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