‘The Walking Dead’ Pool: Which Character Is Going To Die In The Season 6 Finale?

04.03.16 3 years ago 26 Comments

The Walking Dead
is a show that is completely surrounded by death and despair. Humans have devolved into monsters with a blood lust and a driving urge to disrupt the quiet and good. And there are the zombies to contend with, as well.

Through nearly six full seasons fans have watched the show build-up and takedown characters. Some have been surprising, others not. Sometimes those deaths have served the greater story, and sometimes they have felt completely random. There is no telling which kind of death we’ll see on our screens Sunday night for the season 6 finale or if we’ll see any at all, but with the long awaited debut of Negan (one of the Walking Dead comic book’s supreme monsters) finally upon us, a certain inevitability is in the air. Negan’s not going to come on like a lamb. He’s gonna come out swinging. And with respect to that notion, a few of our writers have weighed in on which character they don’t expect to see again following Sunday’s episode. So, read our thoughts and then let us know which character you think is doomed.

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