Fans Of ‘The Walking Dead’ Were Pretty Sick Of The Junkyard Gang’s Crap This Week

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The sixth episode of The Walking Dead season eight took us another step away from the big battles we’ve been experiencing during this All Out War story arc and instead took us with the gang on several smaller missions. Rick went to renegotiate with the Trash People for some reason, Michonne and Rosita headed off to the Sanctuary for some reason, and so did Daryl and Tara.

Then there was Carl doing what Carl does best: disappearing off into danger. At least he had a clear purpose: to track down Siddiq, who his dad nearly killed earlier this season. And while he almost died, at least his mission was pure at heart and made some sense. Fans of The Walking Dead on Twitter couldn’t believe what they were seeing for most of the rest of the episode.

First, everyone really wants to know what’s up with the Heapsters? I know, there are 1001 different derogatory names for Jadis and her dump dwelling crew. The only thing more fun than making up insults about them is speculating on their unusual naked crafting habits.

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