Check Out How Similar This ‘The Walking Dead’ Scene Was To The Comic Book

03.27.17 2 years ago

The Walking Dead television show has always had an interesting relationship with the comic book it draws its inspiration from. While many characters and storylines have been lifted from the comics in past seasons, there have been so many divergences and switch ups from the source material that even the most knowledgeable reader of the Robert Kirkman comic books couldn’t be sure what might happen next on the show.

That’s why it’s been somewhat surprising that season seven of The Walking Dead flipped that formula on its head and has been remarkably faithful to the events taking place with Rick’s gang and Negan’s saviors between issues 100 to 120. The latest scene that was lifted almost completely intact from the comic was this week’s episode 15 moment where Negan saves Sasha from a would-be Savior rapist. Take a look:

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