A ‘Walking Dead’ Star Accidentally Reveals More Than He Meant To About Season 8

05.09.17 12 months ago 2 Comments


[Potential spoilers for The Walking Dead season eight]

It’s been a rough week (and two-plus years) for Rick Grimes. First, his [REDCATED] was [REDECATED] in the comics, causing The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman to [REDACTED]. Now, in less REDACTED news, it looks like he’ll be going where every Alexandrian fears to tread: The Sanctuary.

The detail was revealed in a since-deleted Instagram photo taken by actor Daniel Newman, who plays Kingdom solider Daniel, showing him, Rick, and Jeremy Palko (Andy from the Hilltop) hanging out in Negan Country.

TV Guide suggests that since “Rick Grimes hasn’t been to the Sanctuary on The Walking Dead to date, and filming on season eight started last week,” the photo “heavily suggests that Grimes’ army will bring the fight to Negan’s front yard early on in season eight. Specifically, fans are speculating that a major battle from Robert Kirkman’s comic books… will go down during or close to the season eight premiere.” It’s a premiere, it’s worth mentioning, that Lincoln described as “one of the greatest episodes we’ve ever attempted.”

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