‘The Walking Dead’ Season 8 Episode 3 Has Fans Feeling Like Monsters For Wanting All The Saviors Dead

The third episode of The Walking Dead season 8 just aired and it’s entitled “Monsters,” probably because it’s getting hard to tell who the good guys are when everyone is so busy killing everyone else. Or maybe it’s directed at us, the fans, who are watching the actions of Jesus, Morgan, and the Saviors. Jesus is pretty hellbent on keeping the Saviors alive, while Morgan wants to ‘Clear’ them all. Based on what we saw on Twitter during the episode, we think most people are firmly on Team Morgan here.

But before we get to all the Savior hate, let’s see what everyone was saying about season one throwback Morales for a moment.
And then there was that battle between Morgan and Jesus for the salvation of the Saviors. We have no idea what the good guys (comparatively) are supposed to do with the several dozen prisoners they’ve taken, and honestly Morgan’s plan to kill them all sounds the most prudent. But, as usual, pesky morals are getting in the way of survival instincts. We have to wonder how it’ll all turn out this time. All right, for once?

I swear every time Gregory appears on screen, you can hear an audible sigh from the six million plus people watching The Walking Dead. Yet somehow he just keeps on keeping on, surviving when many better characters have perished. Why did Maggie let him back into Hilltop?