‘The Walking Dead’ Showed Off A Clip At New York Comic-Con Putting Carl In A Familiar Situation

Carl Grimes has grown up before our eyes under the worst possible circumstances. He’s come of age as everyone around him not only dies, but gets slaughtered in terrible ways, only to rise again as the living dead. His father has been beaten and brutalized as the leader of his makeshift community and family, only to be turned on, psychologically tortured and debased. Now, in the clip that was revealed at the New York Comic-Con at the Walking Dead panel at the Theater at Madison Square Garden, we see Carl out for a drive looking for supplies.

Astute fans will notice that it’s more than another fuel run. As The Walking Dead producer, director, and FX guru Greg Nicotero teased in the panel, the scene calls to mind another TWD moment: Namely the opening scene from the series. The only difference is it’s Carl in focus and not His father, Rick.

Also, the guy talking to Carl from behind a car probably isn’t a robe wearing zombie kid (a moment that laid out how shockingly violent the show would be in those first few moments of the Frank Darabont-directed pilot). But, you know, maybe, since the clip cut before a reveal leaving us to speculate. And not just about that. Because what’s the deal with the Carl/Rick switch? Is it more than symbolism and acknowledgment that Carl’s now a young man and becoming the leader? There is that scene in the San Diego Comic-Con trailer that showed an older Rick. Maybe Carl’s reign is coming sooner than many assume. Or maybe it’s just hollow fan service.