‘The Walking Dead’ Offers A Glimpse Of The Horror To Come And Need To Band Together In This Season 8 Teaser

Thrills, chills and teardrop spills are in the cards for season 8 of The Walking Dead. That’s how it is when you’re a death-draped series about to engage in all-out war. A new teaser dropped by AMC suggests the tension won’t let up in the latest batch of episodes, but there’s an undercurrent of hope marinated throughout.

The brief 30-second promo places on emphasis on the need to band together to topple Negan and the Saviors. The array of shots we’re presented with remind us that such a feat isn’t just difficult, it’s life and death. As visions of zombies, tigers and blood splattered characters dance on the screen, Maggie (Lauren Cohan) implores her fellow survivors to hold on and control their own destiny.

“We need to keep our faith in each other,” she declares. “If we can hold onto that with everything we have, the future is ours. The world is ours.”

The teaser doesn’t do much to provide hard answers on anything you might want to know about the upcoming time jump, but there’s loads of little things destined to be put under the microscope until the series returns with its season premiere/100th episode on October 22. No need to take notes, though. You should be able to get the gist of the clip without much trouble.

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