Here’s That Tense Final Scene From ‘The Walking Dead’ Season Finale

As has been speculated, The Walking Dead’s season finale ended with a death, albeit not the death you might’ve seen coming.

At the meeting to kick out Rick, Pete made his thoughts known.

Unfortunately, he also slashed that sword all willy nilly.

Deanna then gave Rick her blessing to do what he’s wanted for so long.

Rick obliged.

And a new friend joined the scene.

Obviously more stuff happened with everyone else, and we’ll be discussing more on all that later. For now, GIFs of everything else are on the next few pages.

Morgan’s been through a lot.

Glenn had a rough day.

Sasha and Gabriel worked out their respective madnesses.

Tara’s conscious again. Hooray.

Oh, and the Wolves are probably gonna be a more of a thing come next season.