This New Teaser For ‘The Walking Dead’ Warns You To ‘Stay Calm’

01.28.16 3 years ago 4 Comments

Is there anything more frustrating than your child not staying quiet after you told him to shut his mouth? Yes, there is: said child deciding it’s a good idea to start piping up when you’re trying to move like a ninja through a herd of zombies.

The Walking Dead returns Feb. 14, and all we can think about is just who will survive the attempt to move through the throng of walkers while wearing innards. It’s amazing that Kanye West didn’t adopt the bloody, visage look for his clothing line, but that’s besides the point — just shut your damn mouth, kid! Other developments are ripe for exploring, like is Glenn going to get back together with the group? Will Alexandria survive this mess of walkers? What’s the Wolf in the basement going to do? When is Negan showing up?

The above teaser doesn’t show much more than we’ve seen already, except a little progression in the trek through the hoard, and Rick looking back like, “You f*cking idiot!” Seriously, how hard is it to not do the one thing that’ll attract carnivorous monsters? Ugh… so frustrating. Anyway, when The Walking Dead returns in a few weeks, we’ll finally get to see who makes it out of the proverbial woods alive.

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