‘Sesame Street’ Transforms ‘The Walking Dead’ Into ‘The Walking Gingerbread’ In This G-Rated Parody

The Walking Dead may have gotten so dark that viewers weighed abandoning the show, but it doesn’t mean AMC’s startlingly bleak zombie drama can’t inspire its own Sesame Street parody for all the media-savvy tots out there. Don’t worry. Things are kept G-rated. Just like with the Orange is the New Black parody.

The homage nestled above (which debuted earlier this year, but is new to YouTube) is centered around Cookie Monster decked out some Rick Grimes friendly garb and attempting to avoid the attention of some scary looking gingerbread cookies (a.k.a. Crumbies, The Walking Gingerbread) in the process. Naturally, Cookie Monster’s crippling addiction to cookies does him no favors in this scenario, although I’m always personally impressed with CM’s ability to know exactly what he wants in life.

There’s a variety of nods to the series marinated into the whole five-minute segment, so even if you’ve already learned lessons in self-control there’s lots to gawk at. Here’s hoping the actual series ends with a dancing safe zone and the blessing of an educational blue fur monster.

Season 8 of The Walking Dead will begin this Sunday with the drama’s premiere/100th episode. Even without cookies, it should make for a fascinating season of television.