Fans Can’t Decide If Tara Is The Best Or Worst After This Week’s ‘The Walking Dead’

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03.11.18 2 Comments


The Walking Dead returns this week to catch us up on a number of non-Carl related storylines, including Eugene’s precarious position in Sanctuary and of course Father Gabriel’s sickly escape out into the wild. Add in Daryl trying to lead a bunch of red shirts through a swamp and you have yourself a pretty packed episode.

Mercy and wrath has been a constant theme through this season of the show, or at least wrath is. Even Carl’s Ghandi-like words before his passing weren’t enough to convince his dad to spare Negan, and now we’ve got Tara out for revenge on Dwight, who killed her girlfriend Denise back in season six. Dwight managed to squeak out of that vindictive situation by the skin on his badly burned brow, and Twitter seemed split down the middle as they cheered Tara on or cursed her for letting a personal vendetta almost doom the group.

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