‘The Walking Dead’ Is Teasing ‘The Punisher’ About His Sordid Past As Shane

Contributing Writer

Fans of The Walking Dead have been eagerly anticipating the arrival of Marvel’s The Punisher ever since we learned the main role went to actor Jon Bernthal in season two of Daredevil. He played everyone’s favorite head-rubbing, best friend-betraying psychopath Shane on the hugely successful zombie apocalypse show. And while we still don’t have an official release date — Netflix continues to tease an ambiguous Fall 2017 premiere — the promotional push for The Punisher has kicked into high gear lately.

Take a look at the recent motion poster released on social media:

The tweet tells you to ‘Read between the lines,’ and while there may be a deeper meaning to that which we’ll get to below, The Walking Dead‘s official Twitter account decided to have some fun with things.

As fans of The Walking Dead would know, Shane spent a couple of months shacked up with Rick’s wife Lori while Rick was in a coma. That’s lead to questions regarding the paternity of their child Judith, although the fan base is certainly leaning towards one father over another.

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