What’s The Deal With The Letter ‘A’ On ‘The Walking Dead’?

At the end of tonight’s episode of The Walking Dead, “The King, the Widow, and Rick,” we see Jadis scrawl the letter “A” on a storage container where she is holding Rick hostage.

What does the letter A stand for?

It’s not the first time we’ve seen the letter “A” on the series. In the fourth season finale, we saw it on the train car the cannibals of Terminus held Rick and Co. That episode was actually called “A.”

It was scrawled into a banister in the fifth season, seen by Carol while she was smoking on a porch in Alexandria.

Here it is stamped on the hands of Rick and Jessie:

More recently, the Saviors painted it on Daryl’s shirt when they were holding him hostage.

Clearly, The Walking Dead loves the letter “A,” but is there a deeper meaning to it?

If anyone would know, it’s Angela Kang, who wrote this episode but also “A,” the fourth season finale where this little calling card originated. According to The Walking Dead DVD commentary, Kang is frequently asked about that letter. Here’s what she had to say (via The Insider):

“Randomly, people ask me all the time if the ‘A’ stands for anything, and I was like it just means ‘asshole. They’re being juvenile. Like an asshole and an ‘F’ and ‘S’ for f–kface and s–thead.”

Is that all there is to it? Maybe! But considering how often the letter “A” shows up in Kang’s episodes, I’m beginning to think it’s her calling card, and that the “A” actually stands for “Angela.”