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Today not only marks the first evening of Hanukkah, but it’s also now only two weeks until Christmas. And anyone who watches “30 Rock” knows that we’re also in the midst of Merlinpeen. So hang some some Christmas lights, break out the decorative meat cubes, and let’s do some e-shopping! What follows is a combination of things I’ll be buying, things I want, and just random crap that might be nice for someone to have. It beats the hell out of wandering around the mall.

TV box sets! Yes, despite what Slate told you, box sets are actually very good gifts — assuming you’re giving someone a TV show they want, and not merely foisting “Flight of the Conchords” onto an aunt who watches “Everyone Loves Raymond” reruns. My recommendations: the complete set of “The Wire” (only $99.99, down from $249.99), “Mad Men” (Season 1 and Season 2), and Season 1 of “Sons of Anarchy.” Obviously, there’s a lot more out there than that, but I’m sticking to what I rave about here.

Art! Anyone who’s enjoyed the Well-Dressed Animals Photoshops at Warming Glow should know that the fine people at Berkley Illustration are the ones who make the classiest animals on the Internet. You can buy prints, bottle openers, and more at Etsy.

Useful stocking gifts! This keychain has two steel pocket screwdrivers (one Phillips and one straight blade), and it’s only five bucks. It’s the perfect gift for men who are don’t spend all day on the Internet and are actually useful and fix things. [product page here via boing boing]

Clothes! I’m an unapologetic whore for Neighborhoodies and Threadless. And check it out, Threadless even makes iPhone cases now. I have one, and I’ve even gotten compliments from non-tech nerds.

Booze! While the season calls for mulled wine, egg nog, and hot buttered rum, alcoholic gifts should come in bottles. For those families that are torn asunder in an argument between bourbon versus Irish whiskey, I recommend a bottle of Bernheim wheat whiskey. Similar in taste to bourbon, but with a buttery smoothness the Jameson/Bushmills/Redbreast drinkers will appreciate.

More DVDs! Disappointed that this season of “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” ended without a holiday episode? Then get It’s a Very Sunny Christmas on DVD. It’s got Danny DeVito naked. Isn’t that what you ask Santa for every year?

Bacon! Mmmmmm… baconnnnn. At J&D’s Bacon Salt store, their motto is “Everything should taste like bacon.” And with their help, everything can. They offer many different kinds of (kosher and vegetarian) bacon salt, bacon lip balm, bacon popcorn, Baconnaise, bacon-flavored envelopes…. ah crap. Now I’m hungry.

Straight Unfiltered Awesomeness! Glamourpuss: The Enchanting World of Kitty Wigs (buy at Amazon). I’ve featured this before, but it’s worth reminding you that it’s still waiting for your mom to display it on her coffee table.

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