The Wire’s Clay Davis Wants To Teach You How To Pronounce ‘Sheeeeeeeeeit’ Properly

Isiah Whitlock, Jr. has had many roles in the 33 years that he has been acting, including as a fireman in Gremlins 2: The New Batch, but most people only know him for one specific variation of a curse word. As Sen. Clay Davis on HBO’s The Wire, Whitlock delivered the show’s most memorable catchphrase with that wonderful “Sheeeeeeeeeit” that people still love to say whenever someone mentions his name or even the series. But now it seems that one drawn out word is about to have a huge second wind.

In this trailer for The Whitlock Academy, Whitlock is seen teaching a class of his students how to properly hold that E, but the Academy’s Facebook page promises that “serious actors” will soon be learning from the master. Look, I don’t ask much, but Channing Tatum has to be on that list. It would basically be a dream come true.