The World’s Biggest Television Has A 370-Inch Screen And Costs $1.7 Million

Good news, gang. A British company called Titan Screens has constructed the world’s biggest television and it can be yours for just almost $2 million!

The numbers are ridiculous: it boasts a 370 inch screen (8m by 5m) – more than twice the size of the current record holder (Panasonic’s measly 152-inch), features 65 million colours and weighs almost a tonne. Naturally, it has a 4k resolution, and can be used outside as well as inside. It’s so big that they use a graphic of an elephant for a size comparison. [Shortlist]


Putting aside the impracticality of a 25-foot wide screen that costs over 33x the median U.S. income, and the fact that the company only made four and two of them have already been sold, I’d just like to say that the funniest thing in the world would be buying one of these and using it exclusively to watch episodes of Franklin & Bash.