The World’s Luckiest ‘Game Of Thrones’ Fan Had His Toilet Turned Into The Iron Throne

If you’re still not familiar with the awesomeness that is Break’s Super Fan Builds, today’s episode should change that for good. Hollywood master designer Tim Baker and his incredible crew at Tim Baker Creations have made some spectacular things for their “super fans,” from one man’s Up dog house to a Batmobile baby stroller that is just amazing. Just in time for last night’s Season 5 premiere of Game of Thrones, though, comes possibly the coolest and most spectacular Super Fan Builds “nerd stuff” project to date.

John Giovanazzi, like a lot of us, is a “huge Game of Thrones fan,” and he even owns a Los Angeles bar that hosts Game of Thrones costume parties. Every good bar has at least one toilet, so Baker and Co. listened to John’s friend Chloe and built him an Iron Throne toilet for his establishment. Seriously, short of the Big Trouble in Little China Pork Chop Express playset that I will someday beg Super Fan Builds to install in my backyard, this might be the coolest project they could ever pull off.