'The Worst Cooking Show Ever'

10.08.10 7 years ago 5 Comments

“Kickoff Cookoff,” a tailgate-themed cooking show, debuted on TLC last night with little fanfare — a surprise, given that the headline-grabbing Erin Andrews serves as a co-host. Hmmm… I wonder why it flew under the radar?

[Andrews] looks completely out of her element and appears extremely uncomfortable and unnatural, especially when you realize that she refuses to eat almost any of the food placed in front of her, while her cohost, Brian Malarkey, who is referred to a “The Cheferee” (ugh),  tries to incorporate football jargon into the show. [Sportress of Blogitude]

The author, friend of the blog Weed Against Speed, adds that he was “dumbfounded, offended, and embarrassed” by the show. Which is fitting, because that’s how I respond to most TLC programming.

This atrocity just might be the worst cooking show ever (and that’s saying something). Not only that, it may have been one of the most craptastic viewing experiences I have ever been subjected to, cooking show or otherwise. And no, that is not hyperbole. It was absolutely horrible. Just horrible.

So, should I watch it or not? I hate it when critics don’t clearly state their opinions.

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