‘The X Factor’ Just Got Sexy

04.04.11 7 years ago 11 Comments

Despite the Steven Tyler-led resurgence of “American Idol,”Simon Cowell’s new “X Factor” is poised to become America’s premiere televised karaoke competition when it airs this fall. In addition to Cowell, the judges table will also feature legendary record producer L.A. Reid (who resigned as Island Def Jam CEO to join the show). And according to Reid, the third judge will be Cheryl Cole, the Girls Aloud singer who was also a judge on the British “X Factor.”

“We’re gonna compete against American Idol just fine,” Reid said. “I’m very confident. But along with Simon Cowell and Cheryl, I don’t know who the other judge is.”

Sources close to the production say the parties are still in talks and Fox hasn’t been commenting on judges until they send a press release announcing them. [Inside TV]

This is fantastic. Cheryl Cole is the best, and I won’t hear anything to the contrary. She’s beautiful, she has terrible taste in men, she wears unsightly but revealing outfits onstage, and she has an array of horrible tattoos that further reflects her poor judgment. And I don’t know if you know this about me, but I adore hot women with terrible judgment. You remember the hobo with the golden voice? Cheryl Cole is the stripper with a golden voice.

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