It was just last week that a YouTube video of a bullied Australian kid fighting back against his tormentor went viral and the world found its latest inspirational figure. Now young, portly Casey Heynes has come to represent every put-upon and downtrodden person who ever summoned the courage to powerbomb someone smaller than them.

After the jump are two separate news segments about the video. Each is longer than seven minutes. Jeebus. If Casey had thrown down a Japanese nuclear reactor, he might not have gotten as much coverage. The first clip gives a soft focus overview of Casey’s experience with bullying. I enjoy the fact that no one expresses any concern about his use of violence until about seven and a half minutes into the clip.

The second video deals with the bully, Richard Gale, claiming he is the actual victim in this whole ordeal and that Casey bullied him first. Pfft. YouTube clips or it didn’t happen, Richie.

[Prolongs the cycle of suffering]