#TheMusicManSeason1: Who Will Play Harold Hill In NBC’s ‘The Music Man’?

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05.12.14 19 Comments
the music man

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We covered NBC’s blandly popular fall lineup yesterday, but today, Bob Greenblatt announced that not only will The Blacklist get the highly coveted post-Super Bowl timeslot, but the Peacock is also planning a live production of The Music Man. See? This is what happens when we all tweet about The Sound of Music. At least unlike Sixteen Going on Look Out, NAZIS, The Music Man has a decent story to go with its memorable songs, and it can’t be any worse than Dancing Vampire Bill Compton.

I have a lot of questions — such as, Why? Huh? Woozle Wuzzle? — but only one big one: who’s going to play Harold Hill, that old swindler who planned to bankrupt a town until he opened a closet door, and 76 trombones fell on his head, killing him instantly? (Spoiler.) Here’s an idea.

What I’m suggesting is, instead of NBC’s The Music Man, watch “Marge vs. the Monorail.”

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