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There are now three television shows about people making cakes.  Food Network’s “Ace of Cakes,” TLC’s “Cake Boss,” and “Ultimate Cake-Off,” also from TLC.  Three.  About cakes.  Two wasn’t enough.  America NEEDED MORE CAKE.

Building off the success of CAKE BOSS, cable TV’s #1 food show, TLC takes a bite out of the competition genre with the new series ULTIMATE CAKE OFF. Airing as a sneak-peek on August 3, and then continuing weekly starting August 31, each of the series eight episodes pits three different cake artists against each other as they create edible masterpieces in hopes of winning $10,000 and having their cakes featured at a marquee event.

That marquee event?  A county fair in West Virginia.  “That thar fancy cake’s gonna be the undoin’ of the funnel cake stand!”

Granted, I’m not the right person to critique shows about food, especially cakes.  I rarely eat unless I’m about to pass out, and I’ve never had a sweet tooth.  However, I can at least understand the appeal of something like “Chopped,” where chefs are given three or four random-ass ingredients and have to make a dish in 25 minutes (“Here’s some squid, mint jelly, and vegemite.  Make dessert!”).  But shows about cakes?  Really?  And none of them are about naughty cakes or cake farts?  I thought I knew you better than that, America.

UPDATE: Thanks to Kristina for pointing out that there is also “Amazing Wedding Cakes” on We.  So make that four shows about cake.  Stop the insanity.

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