There Was A ‘Scrubs’ Reunion Over The Holidays Featuring Zach Braff, John C. McGinley, And Donald Faison

Whenever I think of Zach Braff as the actor/director behind Garden State and the Kickstarter-funded Wish You Were Here, I get slight douche hives. On the other hand, whenever I think of Braff as the star of my all-time favorite sitcom, I can’t help but adore the guy, and whatever you might think of stand-alone Braff, he and Donald Faison have the best fictional and real-life bromance in Hollywood.

The two usually spend the holidays together sharing their guy love, but this year, Dr. Cox joined them at some point for a mini-Scrubs reunion.

But that photo doesn’t come close to comparing to the one of Donald Faison’s kid, Mini-Faison. Holy sh*t, this is cute.

Faison has one adorable child.

In news that’s only related because it’s housed on Braff’s Instagram, this is the picture that CNN used of Dustin Diamond after he was arrested for stabbing someone?

Source: Instagram