There Was An Entire ‘Jeopardy’ Category Dedicated To Vince Gilligan Last Night

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10.29.14 10 Comments

Unless Leonard returns to the show, I’ve given up on watching Jeopardy. I don’t need to be reminded that I know nothing while I’m eating dinner — that’s what Internet commenters are for. I might check back in if there’s an extremely easy category dedicated to Breaking Bad creator Vince Gilligan every night (with a loose Gilligan’s Island theme), though. Here are the clues.

And the video (head to 11:25).

If I were on Jeopardy, I would have replied to all five with, “I f*ked Ted.” (This is why I won’t be on Jeopardy.) Anyway, I thought my boy Michael was gonna clean up. Then he forgot Hancock, because everyone’s forgotten Hancock. Should’ve mentioned Wilder Napalm, instead.

Via Imgur

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