There’s A New Samsung Sex Tape Commercial, Now With Mrs. Claus

To quote Tolstoy, “It’s been a weak ass year for sex tapes.” As proof, here are the five nominees for “Best Celebrity Sex Tape” at the AVN Awards: Octomom, Leola Bell, Michelle Bombshell, and Phil Varone, of Skid Row fame. BOR-RING. That group is like if Unforgettable, and only Unforgettable, was nominated for the Outstanding Drama Emmy. Luckily, Samsung, and not Hulk Hogan, has picked up the slack, first with their scandalous Mom or Babysitter (Definitely Babysitter) commercial and now, its sequel, starring Mr. Santa and Mrs. Layla Claus. (Yes, she has a first name. I had no idea, either. Also, according to Yahoo! Answers, Santa and Layla don’t have kids because he’s “haunderds of years old the tree is dead.” That explains a lot.)

Samsung isn’t even beating around the bush anymore: Mrs. Claus is going to town on those elves. They’re unpaid laborers forced to work year-round in terrible weather and even worse conditions, and yet, look how happy they are. It’s because they’re f*cking the boss’s wife. Pretty freaky, that Mrs. Claus. Let’s check out what YouTube commenters are saying, beyond the obvious “I know someone who’s NAUGHTY, not NICE” reaction:

This is awful and offensive! Santa equals innocence, not sex! Disgusting!

This is just so wrong! This society’s going down the toilet faster than a slippery turd. I have a sense of humor but this ain’t funny in the least. Nice goin’ Samsung.

Mrs Clause looks like an old Drew Barrymore. Cute sweet and naughty.

I find this commercial to be kind of adorable. Just some old folks who are still in love with each other. It may cross the line a bit, but they ARE married and at least they are still happy with one another, unlike some other married couples I know. It shows that there can still be excitement in the later years. ;)

But…what’s on the tape? My guess: the elves performing their patented “red nose” move on Layla.